5 Important Elements That Make a packaging Child Safe

The concept of childproofing or making a packaging child safe has become common among marijuana vendors. In fact, almost all states demand that all marijuana-infused products must come with 100% childproof packaging.

Nevertheless, not every packaging on all cannabis products out there is child safe. There are still many packages that can be opened easily by children. To determine whether a packaging is really child safe or not, there are some key elements you should check. Here are 5 important elements that make a packaging completely child safe.

  1. Tightly Sealed

A packaging is termed as child safe or child resistant if it cannot be opened easily by children. This means that the packaging should be tightly sealed to make it impossible for children to open and access the substance inside the package. If a child can open the package with ease, then such a package can’t be described as child safe.

  • It Should Be Tamper-Evident

 The package should be designed in a way that is easier to tell when your child tried to access the enclosed cannabis product. The packaging should come with seals alongside other markings that will make it easy to tell if your child tried to open it. Besides being tamper-evident, the packaging should also be resealable. Once you open the package to get the content inside it, you should be able to put back the package to its original position such that your kid would not be able to easily access the content. 

  • Materials Used

The kind of materials used for making the packaging can determine whether the package is child-safe or not. Plastic materials, for instance, are rigid enough and developing mechanical locking systems on them is easy. This means that they can easily be designed or modified to be completely child safe. On the other hand, paperboard boxes or polyethylene bags are not rigid enough and making them childproof can be a challenge. Whichever material you choose, it has to be strong enough to keep kids from accessing the marijuana content inside it.

  • Right Manufacturing Requirements

Not all packages that claim to be child safe are indeed child-proof. Some packages can easily be opened by children because they are not manufactured in accordance with the right manufacturing requirements. The package you choose should not just be labeled child safe, but it should also bear certification by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Again, the package should be manufactured in compliance with FDA regulations.

  • Childproof Features

A child safe packaging has features designed to make it completely child-proof. A child-proof cap is one feature that should not lack in any marijuana packaging. Other packagings come with child-proof lids as their main child safe feature. Basically, a good packaging should bear as many child safe features as possible.

Knowing whether a packaging is truly child safe can give you assurance that your kids won’t access the cannabis content in the packaging. Before purchasing cannabis products from a retailer, ensure that the packaging that they provide is completely child safe.

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