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10-10-10 : web site


an exercise in simplicity, the web site design for www.ten-ten-2010.com was a challenge in the sense that my task was to design a site for an exhibition proposal in which the work has not yet been made. usually, i try to pull in a sense of the site’s content in its visual elements, but here i had to create a design that would suit any work that may evolve from the experimental parameters of the project. read more about the 10-10-10 exhibition on the site.

side note: i also designed and maintain the website for the exhibition’s curator, jeweler Sarah Abramson (www.sarahabramson.com), as well as exhibition participants Colleen Heineman (www.colleenheineman.com), Maureen Duffy (www.maureenduffy.org), and of course myself (www.kate-bauman.com).

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