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AOMthree.com : web site


www.AOMthree.com has launched!

this website showcases gorgeous contemporary pop paintings by Madison, Wisconsin’s AOMIII, otherwise known as Arthur O. Mohagen III. my job here was to replace an old, rarely updated typepad blog. by moving to a static website with links to a twitter and facebook fan page, we increased the functionality of Arthur ‘s web presence. He can easily update information and keep his fans in the loop without worrying about the maintenance of an entire blog, while his website features a polished aesthetic with high quality, crisp images and well-edited content.

as a designer, i had a lot of fun designing Arthur’s new site. the painter’s favorite color is a light blue featured frequently in his paintings, and the site’s layout features a matching subtle painterly border to unify the site and create a memorable supporting framework for his content.┬áthe site’s navigation is simple and straightforward, making it easy to get to the information you’re looking for. AOMIII’s paintings take the cake, easily conveying the painter’s skill and professionalism.

take a look for yourself: www.AOMthree.com

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